Co na wypadanie włosów?

Wypadanie włosów jest procesem zupełnie naturalnym, pod warunkiem, że nie gubimy ich więcej niż 100 dziennie. Wypadanie to po prostu proces wymiany. Najczęstszymi przyczynami wypadania jest ich zła kondycja. Wszystko uzależnione jest od prowadzonego trybu życia. Błędy w odżywianiu, stres, brak dostarczanych do organizmu witamin, nieprawidłowo prowadzone działania mechaniczne, a także nieodpowiednie zabiegi chemiczne z […]

How To Wear A Retro T-Shirt Without Looking Like An Idiot

What do you think of when you hear the word “retro”? Flares? Dodgy wallpaper? Betamax? Admittedly, none of the above are particularly fashionable, but while bygone decades have produced some very uncool things, they’ve also churned out some of the finest fashion ever to grace God’s green Earth. Living in the past may not be […]

8 Easy Ways To Speed Up Your Metabolism

In the simplest of terms, a person’s metabolism is the rate at which calories are used up in order to sustain their bodily functions and, more broadly, life. And so, to heavily butcher a famous Abraham Lincoln quote: “It is the eternal struggle between these two principles – metabolism and your waist line – throughout […]

The Best New Menswear To Buy Right Now

Mango Man Suede Biker Jacket One of the problems with leather jackets is they can look a bit busy. It’s all those zips and buttons – not exactly the minimalist chic you were going for. This brown, racer-style suede jacket from Mango Man is does away with any unnecessary additions and focuses on a sleek […]

Confidence Hacks From People Who Do It For A Living

Don’t believe the hype – confidence is a skill, not something you’re either born with or without. While to some it feels innate, and to others intangible, just like leadership, learning a language and sharing your goddamn toys with your sister, how to be confident is 100 per cent something that can be taught and […]

Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas She’ll Love

So you’re in need of a Valentine’s Day gift, which means at some point you did something right. You followed our style guides, the hair was on point, you didn’t overdo it on the aftershave and you got yourself a girl. Huzza! But that doesn’t mean the hard work is over, dear reader. The relationship […]

An Electric Flosser Is Your Shortcut To A Better Smile

Barely a year goes by without the introduction of some new fangled dental gizmo that promises to revolutionise oral hygiene, leaving every tooth cleaner and whiter than the Taj Mahal. In recent years, we’ve witnessed everything from UV whitening trays that make your gnashers resemble a prop from Tron, to electronic dental picks, which allow […]

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